Seahawk - A MOBY Web Services Browser

Sorry, you cannot view the applet because your browser does not have Java enabled.

Click here to download the latest Java, if Seahawk does not launch.

Seahawk requires Java 1.5 or better, and may take several minutes to download (4.4MB) on your first visit, please be patient. Please click "Always trust" in the Verisign alert to avoid its recurrence.

For more information on Seahawk, please see the paper describing Seahawk, in BMC Bioinformatics. If you use Seahawk to generated published results, please cite:
Gordon P.M.K., Sensen C.W. (2007) Seahawk: Moving Beyond HTML in Web-based Bioinformatics Analysis. BMC Bioinformatics 8:208.
Windows Vista users, Seahawk may fail to work properly if you are running in Protected Mode due to the security model of Vista. You will have to turn off Protected Mode to use Seahawk.

If you are interested in extending Seahawk, or embedding it in your own Java application, please see the documentation.
Developers: the Javadocs for Seahawk are available here.

This window must remain open until you are done using Seahawk.